For participants 

    Members of any of the Nurses' Health Studies can inform us of a new last name or mailing address by emailing the new information to Please include:

    • Your previous name or address
    • Year of birth
    • If possible, your 7-digit NHS ID number (generally found above your name and address on our mailings)

    You may also write to us at:

    Nurses' Health Study
    Channing Division of Network Medicine
    181 Longwood Avenue
    Boston, MA 02115
    Telephone: 617-525-2279
    Fax: 617-525-2008

    For individuals seeking general information about the Studies

    Telephone: 617-525-2279

    For researchers interested in collaboration

    Investigators interested in collaborations are invited to fill out a simple form that asks about the details of the collaboration. If you have questions about collaborations, please email us at

    For the media

    Please direct inquiries to the Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health communication offices:

    Brigham and Women's Hospital
    Lori J. Schroth
    Director of Digital & Media
    Telephone: 617-525-6374

    Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
    Todd Datz
    Managing Director of Media Relations and Public Affairs
    Telephone: 617-432-8413